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About 3Points

We provide the concepts and the strategic software solutions for the entertainment industry. We have been supporting format-developers, producers, distributers, licence traders, VOD-platforms, as well as linear TV broadcasters since 1997.

Our History

We have been providing concepts and solutions to the entertainment industry for almost 20 years, with the main objective of empowering our clients in realising their business potential.

Why 3Points

The success of our projects is ensured by experts with years of experience, on the one side, and proven, modular IT solutions, on the other.

Our Services

Passionate About Achieving the Goal


We support our clients by creating a basis for quick and sound strategic decision-making. Our experts perform SWOT analyses of your information management and strategic information structure in the context of intellectual property management and identify cost reduction, as well as sales improvement opportunities. With the professionals at 3Points, you will determine sensitive enterprise-specific KPI´s for monitoring your overall business performance.

Data Integration

Information is a series of linked data. However, only relevant, correct data can provide you with reliable business information. Decision-relevant data is commonly found in a variety of non-interchangeable and incomparable data formats and is often distributed over various internal and external systems and sources. 3Points connects such business relevant data, and thus provides reliable business information, required for strategic decision making.


3Points provides proven, modular IT solutions, including product / license management, contract and accounting management, as well as complete ERP management. 3Points solutions are specifically tailored to the business needs and processes of the entertainment industry, i.e. of license traders, distributors, TV stations, format developers, and VOD platforms.


Management Cockpit

In order to make well informed business decisions, a company’s main KPI´s must be logically presented and understandable. Additionally, more comprehensive analyses and information needs to be attainable with the click of a single button – presenting the requested details in easy-to-read visuals. Each department needs to focus on its tasks and operation, instead of having to spend days on analysing data, creating graphs, and writing reports. Therefore, the ‘right’ charts, graphs, dashboards, and business reports must easily be accessible.

Project Flow

3Points projects are usually initiated by conducting a brief business analysis in which we review the processes, structures, data management, and reporting procedures in relation to licensing, finance and strategic information management. Thereby, we determine the related strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


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