About 3Points

Strategic Solutions for the Entertainment Industry

About 3Points

Strategic Solutions for the Entertainment Industry

Our Profile

Professionals in the Entertainment Industry & Information Technology

Founded by Industry Experts

Points was founded nearly 20 years ago as a software company, offering solutions to the entertainment industry. The company was one of the first firms to offer software solutions, as well as consulting services specialised in the unique business requirements of license traders, distributors, and TV stations. Therefore, our team consists of experts with many years of industry-specific knowledge and experience. The majority of these professionals have been with the company since its establishment.

Professionals in Intellectually Property Management and Strategic Information Management

Thanks to nearly two decades of experience, we have acquired extensive know-how in strategic information management and Intellectual Property Management (IPM). Consequently, we have developed a specific model for transferring our know-how to our clients. We provide consulting services to the entertainment industry, in order to effectively help our clients improve their overall business operations and results, by guiding them through the process of optimizing their strategic information management.

Industry-Proven Solutions

Our modular solutions are field-tested and have proven to be very effective in practice. Our products are easy to integrate into any technical environment and are developed to meet your specific requirements – from license management, availability calculations, contract and finance management, to complete ERP management. Existing systems can simply be supplemented, tethered or replaced, depending on what is most effective.

Complete Range of Services from a Single Source

3Points offers both the strategic business concept and the technical solution to entertainment companies from a single source. In other words, we deliver the software solution and provide the consultancy service, in order to ensure the most efficient implementation of our entertainment-sector-specific software. This eliminates the potential problems related to the effective technical implementation of a previously defined strategic business concept.

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Thanks to strategic information management – improvement of the structure of your rights portfolio – 3Points projects typically finance themselves in a very short time and result in a notable profit increase.


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