Performance Check

Strategic Information Management and Intellectual Property Management in the Entertainment Industry

Performance Check

Strategic Information Management and Intellectual Property Management in the Entertainment Industry

Starting Point

Analysing and Determining the Current Status

Companies, whose business model is based on the strategic acquisition, usage, and sale of rights, must at all times have comprehensive knowledge on their entire rights portfolio.
This includes:

  • Current Availability
  • Holdbacks, Blocks, Exclusives
  • Sales Opportunities (e.g. untapped rights, purchased within a package deal)
  • ROI per Single Right (direct costs and revenues)
  • Deadlines and Experation Dates

The Challenge

You will master with us

Crucial information for the corporate management of an entertainment company often lays in the respective contracts (PDF and/or paper) or in manual and redundantly tended Excel files and spreadsheets of individual departments.

These files are not at the fingertips of managers and do not present real-time information. Therefore, the overview is extremely limited when it comes to: the rights portfolio, high and low performers, sales potentials, and additional marketing opportunities of untapped rights.

Rights are often seasonal and/or event based, and only have a short marketing window. Accordingly, it is important to have cross-sector, real-time information about, e.g. sales probabilities and marketing opportunities.

Traditional ERP systems often do not cover the specific requirements of entertainment companies, whose business model is primarily based on Intellectual Property Management.

The Goal

Verification of Information and KPI´s

  • Providing relevant data for top and middle management,
  • Reducing the time and effort needed for data preparation and processing,
  • Providing an overview of available assets and a basis for evaluation and analysis,
  • Transforming data into information, and clarity of data structure and configuration,
  • Minimizing the susceptibility to error

Results of the Analysis

Provide an Immediate and Distinct Course of Action

Based on the in-depth SWOT analysis of intellectual property rights, your company-specific KPI’s are determined and the reporting needs and requirements of top and middle management are identified. Apart from defining further steps and necessary actions, the analysis also provides an estimation of the:

  • prospective revenue increase, through the optimization of information management,
  • prospective revenue increase, through the optimization of information management,

Course of Action

Determining the Project Cycle Together

In a one day workshop, weaknesses and vulnerabilities concerning rights management – purchasing, evaluation, preparation, usage, and expiration of rights – are analysed. This is done together with an appointed group of experts, e.g. Controlling, Contract Management, Acquisition and Sales, Strategy & Expansion experts.

The main focus is placed on information management:

  • What information does the management need for supervising and controlling the company?
  • What evaluations and analyses do the managers obtain and in which format?

The input collected through this workshop will be evaluated and documented by the 3Points experts. The results are summarized in a presentation and presented to the management.

The 3Points Expertise

How we see Ourselves

3Points was founded nearly 20 years ago as a software company, offering solutions to the entertainment industry. Working on various projects, we have acquired extensive knowledge and built our managerial expertise in information management and intellectual property management and continue to develop our business model based on best practices.

Today 3Points offers the business concept and the technical solution from a single source. Our proven controlling tools can easily be integrated into any technical environment. Namely, we specialize in the integration of our tools into existing IT system landscapes.

A Strong Team

Finance your Project Quickly

Our team consists of experts with many years of industry-specific knowledge and experience. The majority of these professionals have been with the company since its establishment.

Thanks to strategic information management – improvement of the structure of your rights portfolio – 3Points projects typically finance themselves in a very short time and result in a notable profit increase.


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