Why 3Points

Right Decisions are based on Right Information

Why 3Points

Right Decisions are based on Right Information

Our Goal

The Focus of 3Points

Projects of 3Points are always aimed at supporting clients in making quick and precise strategic decisions.

Our Expertise

The Four Pillars

Valid, reliable, real-time data

Determining effective KPI´s for your specific business model

Comprehendible, decision-relevant information

Access to decision-relevant information, from any place, at any time

Our Industry Expertise

We Provide a Wide Range of Services

Content, Licences, and Rights

3Points provides entertainment companies, with a reliable decision-making basis for the economic optimization and controlling of production, purchase, use, and sale of content, licences, and intellectual property rights.


The 3Points Indicator System combines real performance measures, as well as planned, targeted values with current market data and company-specific information and is tailored to the precise needs of the entertainment industry.

Our Target Group

Distributors & Broadcasters

Distributors in the B2B and B2C area attain a valuable overview of their rights portfolio, as well as over their high and low performers, based on various criteria (blocks, exclusivity, restrictions, etc.). Potential sales of unused rights and additional marketing opportunities are, thereby, uncovered and determined.

Empirical data and calculations supplement the process of assessing sales potentials and planning the purchase of new rights. The generated transparency provides support to decision makers.

Rights that are just “sitting on the shelf” tie up capital and restrict liquidity for future acquisition of rights. 3Points takes into account the sales and purchase price of rights, as well as the marketing potential, from the perspective of distribution and tied up capital, and thus helps to optimize company liquidity.

TV stations usually have three objectives when it comes to the acquisition or production of content:

  1. strengthening their brand and image
  2. attaining the highest possible market share
  3. profit (high marketing revenue / sponsorship / subscription, and VOD, on the one hand, and low production / purchase costs, on the other).

3Points optimizes this “Magic TV Triangle” through Slot Centred Controlling – controlling of various parameters in regards to broadcasting slots. The KPI´s that are taken into account when it comes to TV stations include market share, marketing revenue, and costs of assets. In other words, 3Points considers a variety of important factors for assessing the success or failure of employed assets.

3Points users make decisions based on real-time, slot exact feedback regarding costs and benefits of all the inserted content, and react quicker and more precise to new market requirements.

Minimal Risk

3Points Projects are Low Risk Projects

  • Established on the market since 1998
  • Clear focus on entertainment companies (license traders, distributors, TV stations, and VOD-platforms)
  • Well-known national and international clients
  • Knowledge of sector-specific KPI´s
  • Strategic corporate management based on valid, real-time data
  • Industry experts with numerous years of project experience
  • Strategic business concept and technical realization from a single source
  • Field-proven, modular IT solutions
  • Product / license management, contract and accounting management, as well as complete ERP management
  • Highest level of expertise in data and system integration
  • Strong industry know-how and expertise


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