Seamless Data Integration


Executive Data Access Instead of Data Storage



Seamless Data Integration

Executive Data Access Instead of Data Storage

The Relevance of Information

Information is a Series of Linked Data

For management of their activities, entertainment companies, i.e. companies that develop, produce, distribute, trade or use content need real-time, reliable information on licences, rights, royalties, availabilities, holdbacks, blocks, due dates, payment deadlines, ratings, cash flow, and liquidity.

Decision-relevant data is usually found in a variety of formats and is distributed over various internal and external sources and systems (ERP systems,

accounting systems, rights management, VOD-platforms, program and marketing planning, Nielsen, GfK, IMDB, etc.).

Vital information – regarding the rights portfolio, for example – is, more often than not, maintained in individual Excel spreadsheets of separate departments and is not accessible with the a single click to other departments in real-time.

Access to Information and Information Management

Executive Data Access Instead of Data Storage

By intelligently combining existing systems and data sources, access to crucial information is made available any time. This offers an overview of relevant KPI´s and empowers managers to have complete control of all assets and intellectual property rights.

Content Performance

An interaction between production / license costs, on the one hand, and license trading / ad sales, on the other, taking into account rates, VOD downloads, and other distribution channels

Cash Flow and Gross Margins of Licenses

Considering all assets and conditions, terms of payment, and current exchange rates


Return on Assets

Calculations, including direct and indirect costs, license conditions, rates, and revenues, for all distribution channels


The Experts for Seamless Data Integration


Based on extensive project experience, our 3Points data integration team has learnt about various systems typically used by entertainment companies and license traders.


Instead of installing additional software modules or complex data warehouse solutions, it is often more sensible and cost-effective to simply link the existing data together, and thereby make the necessary information and decision-making basis accessible for the management.



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