IT Solutions

A Tailor-made Software Solution

IT Solutions

A Tailor-made Software Solution

A Modular System

We Can Depict and Analyse all your Business Processes

As a result of industry-specific enterprise rights management, the business processes of entertainment companies, license traders, and distributors deviate from traditional business procedures.

Large providers of ERP solutions do not cover these specific requirements and must, therefore be supplemented by either external modules, expensive and complex external programs, or by stand-alone solution for individual departments – more often than not, Excel files and spreadsheets.

20 years of development experience


Our ERP System for Entertainment Companies

Mediafusion is our sector-specific ERP system, precisely tailored to meet the needs and requirements of entertainment companies, i.e. for companies that develop, produce, distribute, trade or use content. The software manages complex information and integrates all departments in a single, logical workflow.

Over the course of 20 years, the software has been installed and successfully implemented by more than 40 broadcasters and distributors. Therefore, more than two decades of knowledge and experience is contained within the software!

Each project has brought about individual requirements and demands from our customers, which have successfully been met. We have learnt from these requests, and have implemented them into our mediafusion platform and consulting expertise.

Our software solution covers around 70% of traditional rights management processes of entertainment companies, right off the bat. Our experience has taught us that the remaining 30% of business processes must be implemented into the software jointly with the client, for each client has specific needs and goals.

Mediafusion is a modular software, which does not completely replace existing, functioning systems, but rather supplements and links them intelligently together. The key modules of mediafusion include:


Product Management


License Management

Accounting Management


Your Control Centre

Take Control of Business Performance

Mediafusion offers you, the decision-maker, access to and an overview of assets, finances, revenue, and liquidity of the company as a whole, of individual business divisions, and also offers information regarding returns on specific rights.

You can combine internal data sources (accounting, controlling, rights management, acquisition…) and external information (Nielsen, GfK, IMDB…) to retrieve meaningful KPI´s at the push of a button. For example:

Enterprise value, taking into account assets, i.e. acquired rights, lifecycle of rights, and different depreciation models


Income statement for overall business performance, as well as per licensor, title, country, genre, etc.

Performance indicators of your titles, per distribution channel, including rates, VOD downloads, etc.

Cash flow, considering payment conditions within the license contracts, as well as exchange rates

Return on asset calculations, including direct and indirect costs, licensing conditions, and revenue for all distribution channels

Comparison of realized and targeted company-specific KPI´s, including an automated early warning mechanism when planned goals are not being attained

Manage simply and more effectively


Mediafusion offers individually tailored, functional evaluation tools, in order to foster effective rights management and decision-making.


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