The 3Points Management Cockpit


Data and KPI´s Relevant for You



The 3Points Management Cockpit

Data and KPI´s Relevant for You

The Value

Quality instead of Quantity also applies to Data

Relevant information at a glance and at your fingertips

In order to make well informed business decisions, a company’s main KPI´s must be logically presented and understandable. Additionally, more comprehensive analyses and information needs to be attainable with the click of a single button – presenting the requested details in easy-to-read visuals.

Each department needs to focus on its tasks and operation, instead of having to spend days on analysing data, creating graphs, and writing reports. Therefore, the ‘right’ charts, graphs, dashboards, and business reports must easily be accessible.

…instead of confusing columns of endless data

Even the best database is of little assistance when vast and diverse data is not grouped into meaningful information. Classical reporting systems consist of individual data rather than information, e.g.:


  • division reports, instead of cross-departmental KPI´s,
  • columns of endless data, instead of clear charts,
  • historical data, instead of forward-thinking risk assessments and recommendations for action.

A competitive advantage can only be achieved by the entrepreneur who has access to relevant, decision-making information, anytime and anywhere, and can gather and process it within a few seconds.

Functioning Prototypes

Approximately 2/3 of the information needs of entertainment companies and license traders are very similar, hence only 1/3 of the information requirements must be amended to the requests of a particular enterprise.

Therefore, when developing your management cockpits, 3Points does not start from scratch; we have a functioning reporting system which is simply tailored to your precise needs.



Komfortable Datenfilter

The main indicators are clearly displayed in a cockpit screen view, enabling easy controlling and decision-making. The management cockpit allows managers to search for and filter information by various criteria, such as regions or business unites.

Based on the generated overview and displayed dashboards, targeted information can easily be obtained.

Immediate Effect


With the support of the management cockpit, numerous effects are achieved:

  • the most important success factors are identified
  • a valid database and decision-making basis is created
  • time and effort needed for preparing reports is reduced
  • executive information and controlling guidance is provided


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