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Consulting Expertise

For the Entertainment Industry

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The Main Pillar

Intellectual property management and return on assets measures have to function seamlessly and harmoniously, in order to ensure a proper strategic decision-making basis.

We are Your Partner

3Points supports its clients in all strategic, organizational, and business issues, in order to create conditions for quick, sound, strategic decision-making.

Consulting Services

A Brief Overview

SWOT Analysis of Information Management and Intellectual Property Management

Identifying cost reduction and sales improvement opportunities within the rights portfolio (determining unviable and untapped, assets, expiring rights, cost drivers, and income potential)  

Analysis of business performance and fostering decision-making


Transfer of Know-How

Your Employees and Our Consultants are a Team


Our team of consultants has many years of project and industry experience. When the tasks at hand and terms of reference permit, we work in integrated teams, consisting of our consultants and your employees.

This interaction has resulted in a unique business model for transferring our know-how to our clients. The active involvement of your employees in this process ensures smooth change management and positive acceptance during project implementation.


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